Sunday, August 14, 2016

Temecula Wineries 8.14.16

So my cousin and I decided to check out a few new and old places in Temecula wine country. The first stop was the Thornton winery and they had the best chocolate wine I had every tasted. 

The second stop was the Bella vista winery.  We had the most fabulous time talking to the ladies pouring the tastings.  The had an incredible champagne and a lovely white Cabernet.

The third and final stop was one of my favorite wineries, Palomar Mountain winery. This time, I joined the wine club and my cousin treated me to a meat and cheese platter.  They offer two complementary wine tastings a month, so I will be back! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Temecula Sunday......7.10.16

So early July, I went wine tasting with my Step-mom and her close friend.  We were able to visit three wineries. There would have been more if most if the wineries didn't close shop at 5 pm. 

The first stop was Mount Palomar Winery. Mount Palomar has expanded a lot since my last visit eleven years ago. 

The have perfected their reds.  Shorty's Bistro Red was my favorite. 

Our second stop was the Maurice Car'rie winery.

We decided on the Pomegranate Champagne to go with our Sourdough and Brie.

The third and final stop was the Wilson Creek winery.  This place was the busiest, 

It was a warm and relaxing day.  

A very large granny square.

Finally! The blanket that was started in 2014 is finally finished.   Only took two years! This blanket is large enough for a king size bed. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Masia de la Vinya winery ....... Temecula Saturday.

Saturday started with brunch with my friends Jen and Diana.  Girl talk and good times!

Then, Diana and I took off to Temecula to visit the Masia de la Vinya winery.  Beautiful place!

The wine was so so.  The place is relatively new so time will tell.  Photo credits to Diana!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Jewelry therapy in mid May....

You You 
Here is part two of some of the pieces I have worked on.  I really need to make time to do this more often.  I promised my friend Jill that I would bring my jewelry making stuff next time I popped in to visit and I kept my word.  Best atmosphere ever! Don't judge me, Michalob Ultra is awesome!  


I prefer to work with Sterling silver.  I used up all the findings I had on this day.  Jill had some beautiful pieces I was able to turn into pendants.   We didn't know for sure, but most of them looked like sliced agate pendants in various colors.  Immediately, I was in love.....

I had plenty of silver plated chains and leather cords for necklaces so we were in business. 

The pendants came with holes already drilled, I just needed to have findings and cord necklaces with clasps.  Thanks again to Jill because these pieces are gorgeous!

I took a moment to separate new onyx, soapstone and agates beads for earrings or possible bracelets. Yes and everything below I made.....

Work in progress......

This pair below has agate, onyx and soapstone beads.   Onyx is the ultimate protection stone and it matches everything.  They say soapstone is great for the skin. 

This is spotted onyx and Sterling silver findings.....below is onyx with an unknown stone my step mom sent me.  I love these beads,,,,,you can wear them with animal print.....

Below is onyx with dyed turquoise. ( code for fake turquoise. Hahahaha)

Pure agate pendant with satin necklace cord. 

Next is a pair of earrings with authentic garnet and howlite beads.

Below is a pair with hematite and beads from Michaels that had a great marble tone. 

Rose Quartz and Sterling silver.  These beads are heavy.

Below are black Goldstone, with Black Rose beads and Onyx spacers.


Onyx and dyed jasper.  

This pendant below were more beads from my step mom when she made jewelry.  Jill saw this and was like, wow, I like that one.  I thought! Okay let's make a necklace for each one!

Citrine and peridot are two of my favorite stones.... The citrine were two lone beads that needed to be earrings....

I felt like I got a lot accomplished.....