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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Greatest find of the month! Generations Jetfire and Sunstorm!

Today was the day.   Today was the day the mister and I have had a mutual day off since our vacation to Philadelphia.  After I cooked breakfast,  I had the idea to give Toys R Us just one more chance to see if they had a Generations Jetfire on the shelf and not only did they have one, they had two. This figure is gorgeous!  We couldn't wait to one this one!

In addition to top it off, we found a Sunstorm and paid only 64.00 dollars, because we used a 20% off coupon! Regular price, it was a around 80.00 dollars.  This is why it pays to clip coupons.   We are going to wait to one this one.   We have a hunch that this was maybe returned due to someone's remorse buy because there was only one. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New wave of Generations are hitting the stores and yes, I bought a girl version of a costume that will offend some nerds. Oh, and crochet too!

Oh generations transformers.  I have heard through the grapevine that Jetfire is at Toys R Us and even K-mart.  I tried TRU first and it was a bust.  Just left over Scoop figures, Mini-Con assault team and Whirl.  Maybe there was one Starscream Armada and one Rhinox. However, I found one Roadbuster at K-mart and the Mister found Jhiaxus!  (Although he passed on a Jetfire at TRU).  

Roadbuster is awesome! 


And now we await the arrival of Arcee........  I could order her from Big Bad Toy Store but it's more fun to actually hunt for the new figures.  

Ok all of you snarky nerds,  don't hate, but I ordered sexy cobra girl!  I couldn't help it.   I am going to modify this costume and make some extra accessories.   I love the pants!  After all of the nasty comments some of the snarky nerds make about the sexy ghostbusters costumes,  I get a kick out of some of the costumes that are coming out.  :) 

In addition, I have been working on various crochet projects.......

I still am reading my friends novel and the Joe Perry bio just arrived in the mail.  Gotta catch up on that too! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Retro con 2014 day 2

Day two was a shop and browse day for me.   The raffle prizes were great, so much so that people were buying 20 dollars worth of extra raffle tickets. 

There was more great cosplay and the energy as well as attitude people had was wonderful!  I wish I saw more of this is in so cal.  

Me as Uhura......with Kilngons.  Rose insisted.  

Teri went as Skipper, Rose was disappointed that she didn't wear her Gilligan.  I have a professor in the works, but I need my coconut radio. 

Austin got a nice birthday surprise. Thanks Tony! 

As he represents Geewunner.

Rose and Maggie (Naggie). 

It's all about the doctor for Rose right now......

Teri and I spotted an Ursula doll for a great price and she is in the process of purchasing this in this pic. 

Connie and Krystal did great cosplay on a budget panel! 

As the day ended and we were breaking down, you can tell people didn't want to leave.  I think vendors wanted to make some final sales.. .....

A fun weekend.  This con is a dream for the retro toy collector! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Retro con 2014 day 1!

We got up pretty early to get ready for all the excitement!  But I got suited up as Gizmo.  Yes, I bought this and didn't make it.  The other cosplayers can snark all the want.  I am a novice just having a good time.  I prefer the critters and the slimey villains in pop culture.  ( one day, I will do sexy Jabba the hut! One day! )


I surprised my friend Rose, she kept trying to guess the night before!  

My friend Teri looked amazing as Ursula from The Little Mermaid and I think she should have entered the costume contest, but she's a bit shy.  In fact, this is the first time I have seen her in a dress.  She has over 30 yrs experience in costuming, but only has been cosplaying for a few years like me. 

People were flipping out over her Ursula! She sewed the whole thing herself.  We joked that we should have took pictures of us trying to get this costume in the car and driving with it! 


Our friend Elita one entered the costume contest and here she is with other Transformers.  
She wore this at Bot con this year and for her first costume, this is awesome! She sewed this 
entirely by hand.

Lots of great props, cosplay, and dealer tables.......


I worked the table that sold extra raffle tickets for a few hours, talk about excitement.  The first drawing was a few minutes late, but many people left happy with what they won. 

More great cosplay and of course the cosplay contest.

There were tons of tables full of classic toys and collectibles.  

There was so much, I am sure I didn't see it all.  

Over all, it was a good day.  The mister has his geewunner table and the day went by fast.