Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wondercon 2015 Easter Sunday

Today was a great day!  I heard that wondercon was amazing this year and I had to miss fri and sat due to work.   I made it Easter Sunday though and a couple of girlfriends and I wanted to do Adventure Time  cosplay.  I love the character Lady Ranicorn and wanted to make a costume.  It was ambitious without being completely unattainable so I decided to crochet a dress. ( leaving out the color orange of course.) 

This was the first attempt, but I didn't like the green and the dress ended up being too big so I made a top, legwarmers, arm warmers and a tutu instead.  

This was more like it...... Plus my friend Katie was going to be LSP, (lumpy space princess) and she looked gorgeous!  She was the star of Sunday! 

For some reason my bra stap kept sliding off at first.  The adjustment was made later in the day, I promise.....  this is me and my girl Chevy.   She is Lord Monochromicon. 

Me, as Lady Ranicorn.....

Here we are.  Katie really was LSP.  She designed the dress herself.   Chevy made her costume from material she had in her stash.  The horn really rocked! 

Gotta get a shot with a stormtrooper! 

We found Princess Bubblegum and BMO! 

The hottest stormtrooper ever! 

My favorite cosplay of the day.  Because I am biased!  Jem and pizzazz !

Some other great cosplay....

The suicide girls were so sweet this year! 

I love Ewoks! 

I need a dress like this one....

All in all, it was a good day! I wish I could have done more, but I only went one day this year! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Betsey Johnson inspired earrings and yes, she has workout gear

Ok, normally, I am not one to buy workout clothes, I tend to just purchase sneakers and exercise.  For workout clothes, it's usually an old T-shirt and some beat up Lounge pants or sweats.  Sometimes shorts.  However, while out and about this week,   I discovered that Betsey Johnson has workout clothes! (Betsey Johnson performance). The roses and animal print is something I couldn't resist.  The black pants have a couple of rows or cute ruffles.  


There are a lot of purses, accessories, and weekender bags arriving at all of the close out stores and they cost more than usual.   I picked this one up recently.

Eventually, some will be marked down, so I may wait things out.  Michael's has a lot of Betsey Johnson accessories on sale such as luggage tags, reusable bags and umbrellas and journals. 

As for beads for jewelry, I got inspired when I saw all of these roses....,,

Here is what I came up with for this weekend.   I need to get back to making more things.


The necklace above has a rainbow agate pendant.  Which is considered a power stone good for love, health and good fortune! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Crochet projects and yes, Michael's sell cool Betsey Johnson stuff!

I have been spending more time offline and working on some early spring cleaning for the year.   I haven't been working on jewelry, but I have been crochetting and loom knitting.  

My friend at work crocheted this hat for me and I love it! I wish the weather would cool down again so I could wear it more. I wear a lot of browns and greens, so this works! 

This is the start of a blanket I am working on and is going to have a burgundy border.

This is a finished blanket and it's a giant square.......

This is my latest loom project and it should be done this week.

And for all of my fellow Betsey Johnson fans, Michael's is selling cell phone covers, luggage tags and umbrellas! 

It all looks like her classic stuff!