Sunday, October 4, 2015

Finds, finds and more birthday treats and a huge Kre-o score!

My girls, Crystal and Chevy took me to dinner for more birthday shenenigans! And they brought merlot and a love betsey bag! Love! So cute! 

The Mister and I had a nice date day with ended up with shopping in Pasadena...,,,

I picked up some Pink Sugar! Yes, Chevy I have to copy you.  This stuff smells like candy! 

Anais Anais is my fave perfume of all time! It was the first perfume i wore as a teen that was considered expensive.  I like essential oils.  Peppermint is one of my favorite scents.  I add it to my house cleaner sometimes.  Dr. bronner's cleaner of course.  Nothing cleans like Dr. bronner's.  It's great for laundry, floors, random stains and dishwashing liquid.  It's mild enough for shower gel and face wash, but I think the tea tree and rose washes are the best for that. 

The mister picked out my lucky skinny jeans.  I actually liked them. 

We cranked the Winery Dogs sophomore effort all day.  So far, so good.  There seems to be a lot of Bad Company, "Straight Shooter", influence. 

I was very happy for the mister!  He found a bunch of Kre-o that didn't make it to the stores. ( Robots in Disguise) that is TJMaxx exclusive.  These were great finds, Christmas came early for the Mister.  For those who want these Kre-o exclusives, TJMaxx and Marshall's are the places! The Hound set looks super cool! We can flip the Kreons online eventually.  

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Aloe Vera juice is changing my life

I have talked about Aloe Vera before and how I grew up in a home that always had an Aloe Vera plant. I have taken Aloe in pill and liquid form.  Aloe Vera gel is used to smooth skin, sooth sunburns, treat insect bites, pimples and used as even a face wash!  Too much of any herb can be dangerous and it's about learning about what the body likes. Some cannot handle this herb, some can.
This juice will keep you regular and expel the toxins from the body.   The pills can be quite harsh on my body and I wanted to start using Aloe internally again.  Recently, I picked up some Aloe Vera juice and have been drinking 3 to 6 ounces a few days a week.  Trader Joe's, sprouts and Walmart carry gallon jugs of this miracle juice.  I dilute it with water or fruit juice. Andrecht (1994), recommends that this juice be diluted with apple juice.  It is sort of gel-like and sour if one chooses to drink it straight.

I have noticed clearer skin and a suppressed appetite.   Of course it keeps everything moving in the body.  I have heard that it helps with weight loss,but that you had to be careful not to overdue it.  I am not trying to lose any pounds, but a few inches around the thighs would be nice. (That comes from weight training). Thus,  I have more energy and have been sleeping better.  

I have some Aloe Vera gel and I tried using it as a face wash. 

It works better if you use a face cleansing brush and not hands or a face towel.  It has the same consistency as your average face wash that is in gel form.   It removes makeup and cleans the pores.  If one wears a heavier foundation or BB cream, it's best to remove it with Sweet Almond Oil before you attempt to cleanse with Aloe Vera gel.  It seems to be a built in toner and moisturizer when used as a face wash.  I don't have any allergy to this, so it worked for me.  I followed up with regular witch hazel to tone the skin. 

I have mentioned Ritchason's (1995) finds before on a past entry, but here are some others:

Blood cleansing
Promotes hair Growth
Ease canker sores
Pink Eye

In addition, Andrecht (1994), states that diabetics benefit from a=Aloe Vera and state that many can cut down on their insulin gradually. 

Now, I know it's great for the hair, but it tends to create build up in my hair and dries it out.  I can see how Aloe Vera gel would be a great hair gel for those who use gel.  I do notice that if you put Aloe Vera juice in your hair, it gives the feeling or more thickness.  Using natural products in my hair is cumbersome at times and I never have the time to make special hair formulas, so I stick to Aussie Moist and Dove shampoos.  :)  Some people's hair responds to natural products and homemade conditioners.  Mine does not. 

Overall, I am feeling really good and energized.  I think this supplement has something to do with it. I use it in moderation and will take it two weeks on and two weeks off.  With any herbal formula, it's wise to use caution, speak with your doctor or herbalist for any recommended dosage.  Not everyone will reacts to Aloe the same, but my body likes it. 


Ritchason, J. (1995). The little herb encyclopedia (3rd ed.). Pleasant Grove, Utah: Woodland Health Books.

Andrecht, V. (1994). The herb lady's notebook (14th ed.). Ramona, CA: Ransom Hill Press.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Star Wars stuff and some other cool things too!

The annual issue! I rushed back to my hood and got to the comic shop right before closing.  So glad people are reading it!  It was almost sold out!

Ok, so my friend said these shoes were at kohl's.  I am a grown ass woman going into kohl's asking where the Star Wars Shoes were.  They had one pair in my size. 

And one last t-shirt in a medium......I guess I will start going to Kohl's.  JCPenny has got some cool items too! I think they need to make sheet sets for Queen and King size beds.  Adults are buying this stuff for themselves!

I only own issues #3, #4 and #5 of the first run.  Excited to see this with all 5 issues....

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tamz's Food for thought # 2

Over time, you will notice that there will be a trend of me ranting about relationships and friendships. We live in a world with other people and have to breathe each other's air.  In my opinion, most people suck and I say this without any anger or venom.  Cats are always cool!  This is a harsh reality someone like me has to accept every day!!!

1. Nice doesn't mean stupid.  There, I said it. I am over some of the people I have been subjected to in recent years who think it's really cute to be nasty, rude and dismissive towards people who are nothing but nice to them.  I think some people assume that if one is nice, polite and appears to be happy, that they are dumb.  Also, that it's okay to treat that person shitty and like they are not a person.  Who is anyone to think that they have the right to be rude to someone who is always nice to them? What type of sick pleasure are they getting? As a person who grew up sarcastic, somber, serious and grumpy, I was one of these people. Suddenly I woke up one day and decided that I didn't want to be a miserable person.  I hit the gym, went record shopping and decided that I was taking responsibility for all of my actions and apologized to as many people that still allowed me to be in their life. Translation, I told everyone I was sorry for being a CU next Tuesday and a female dog. According to some, I am still a female dog and that's their opinion.  :)

2.  I am very sorry to all of the gals in high school that I may have been closed off to and/or even rude to.  Some gals were bitches and extremely judgmental, but many of you were/are not.  The truth was, my family life was hell and I didn't have the cash to hang out.  I won't go into the gory details. It's not that I didn't want to.  One of my best friends even said, "Don't you have any money?" No, I really didn't.  I was so broke growing up, kids even teased me about my mom's car.  (At least she was picking me up while their asses were stuck in day care. hahaha! ) I was a vegetarian before it was cool and it was not by choice. And I was freakin weird and not hip at all.  In fact,  I am still not very cool, but now I embrace my freak flag.  I was the most broke in the class of 1993 and life was rough from birth till about 19. This is not a cry for help or to get people to feel sorry for me.   It's all good, because it's pruned me to be the best I can be and remain resilient.  I am still in touch with my closest friends from high school and even if we go through periods where we don't chat, we always pick up where we left off.

3. GMOs suck.  I am tired of scrubbing my fruits and vegetables. Dayum, is everything treated with pesticides and poison? At some point, I am going to have to buy some land and have a tiny farm.  Veggies used to be safe. Now, they are potential missiles of mass destruction! networking.  Friends keep asking me to join Instagram and it's not happening.  There are too many unflattering pictures of me on Facebook feeds and in albums of former flames and friends. Plus, I take horrible selfies that are comic worthy.   Nope, nope nope!  I just deleted a bunch of people and posts on Facebook when I realized that I have met some obnoxious folks at conventions and even industry events.  These are people that will friend me because I am friends with someone who runs a convention, is a model or actor, musician or someone they want to get to through me.  That person is a personal friend or acquaintance I do normal things with.  Like work out, shop, go to dinner and stuff that doesn't involve any self-promotion.  Self-promotion is fine and necessary for some, but there is no need to be a hanger-on.  We all have our own mojo if we tap into it and everyone has a tribe! There is no need to use someone else to try to join a "coveted tribe". In life, the best connections are the organic connections. Some people will just gel! I have met some people that I knew I would get along with! Others, pursued me because maybe they thought I had something to offer and could be used.  I recognized this because there were various passive-aggressive red flags or they were close with folks that were open with their strong dislike for me. Early on, I knew life was not a popularity contest and that some people were not going to like you. So, I have practiced the fight or flight response.  Most of the time it's easier to catch that flight! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not to humble brag, but I have awesome friends that have made mybirthday week amazing balls!

So that title makes me look like a spaz.   Guilty! You got me.  But I am still stoked.  I got more toys for my birthday........thanks again to Teri, tony and rose! And places who send me bday coupons!

Badass Ursula steampunk watch! 

Busting out the Lego set.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My 40th birthday.

I wasn't going to do anything on my bday but maybe go to the hot springs with one of my best friends, heather, but I figured maybe I should do something official.   Back in the day, I used to be great at organizing get togethers and parties.   I have lost that touch as I have gotten older due to laziness, being a survivalist, hermit and just a plain weirdo.   I am a person that has met a lot of people in her life and knows people, but I have a small circle of people I can trust to call friends.  Unfortunately, we live all over the country and its hard to get together.   Some of the ladies I know are agoraphobes like myself and didn't feel like being social. (No judgements here, because I am bad at being social and never feel like it. And others were stuck working at the county library on a Saturday.....Anyway, I did manage to coerce a small group of girls to join me in temecula for some wine tasting and I and forever in their debt.   I wouldn't have been able to do it without heather, Jill and Chevy.  Thanks again Heather for always driving every time we have an outing.

So Heather was driving and Chevy likes the sweet stuff.  Jill is a beer person so guess who got all the wine? Like I was complaining.  In fact, they were just time samples, they were very generous at this particular winery! 

Heather and Chevy got chocolate port boots.  I am not big on port, so I just watched.


After we headed out to dinner......I wore the tiara like a champ.....

The longshawdow winery was a lot of fun and I decided on the white merlot.  It reminded me of an old trader joes wine that they had back in the day.  

We had a day full of laughs and bonding.  I felt the love and I am grateful for another year because I almost didn't make it 20 years ago.